Winter Sports Accident Claims

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    Holidays involving skiing, snowboarding or any other kind of winter sports can give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but need rigorous safety procedures to stop accidents occurring on and off the slopes.

    If this isn’t done, the result can be catastrophic injuries for you, or a loved one.

    We have experience of dealing with a broad range of winter sporting activity claims ranging from collisions on the piste, faulty equipment and lack of appropriate off-piste guidance. Our experience also extends to injuries sustained whilst navigating stairs to boot rooms and using other winter sport facilities in resort.

    Winter Sports Holiday Claims

    Our team have first-hand experience of winter sport activities, so we can approach your winter sports claim with an understanding of life on the slopes. We speak the languages of many countries that specialise in winter sports holidays, so can speak to the relevant people directly to obtain piste reports and court files, and can quickly review those documents to gain a better insight into the circumstances of your accident, any issues that may arise and your prospects of success.

    We can also call on experts in the field to assist with liability investigations, including piste visits.

    What are winter sports injuries?

    Winter sport injuries are frequently but not exclusively to lower limbs, with twisting type injuries particularly to knees and ankles. Given the nature of the sport, injuries also extend to head and spinal injuries which can result in life-changing consequences.

    Depending on the speed of any collision, injuries can be high impact and lead to injuries as serious as those caused by a road traffic accident.

    What damages might I receive by making a winter sports claim?

    We will work with you to establish any losses that you have had because of your accident and will look to obtain compensation for those losses, as well as the injuries you sustained. As with all injury claims, the ultimate aim is to get as close as possible to returning you to the position you were in before your accident.

    In catastrophic injury cases, this can include rehabilitation and care, but it very much depends on the jurisdiction which will apply to the claim. Speak to us today if you’d like to find out more.

    We can also look to recover insurer outlay.

    Helping Rebecca make a winter sports holiday claim

    When Rebecca sustained significant orthopaedic and psychological injury as a result of a collision on a piste, we were able to guide her through the litigation process which had to be conducted in the county where the accident occurred. This involved travelling back for a piste inspection and examination by a court appointed medical expert. We also obtained witness statements from a number of witnesses which supported Rebecca’s version of events.

    We were able to recover damages for the injuries sustained, financial losses incurred and travel insurer outlay relating to hospitalisation abroad and repatriation back to the UK.

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    Expert help with your winter sports accident claim

    Our team have helped clients following winter sports injuries sustained in countries all over the world. Contact us today to start your claim.

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