Caroline Featherby

Mental Capacity

Managing Associate

“I am passionate and dedicated in supporting those that lack mental capacity to manage their property and finances themselves”

I am a Managing Associate in the Mental Capacity team specialising in Court of Protection work. This includes making deputyship applications, managing complex property and affairs, acting for both children and adults who have suffered a brain injury or adults that lack mental capacity to manage their finances due to dementia, making Statutory Will applications, putting Lasting Powers of Attorney and Personal Injury Trusts in place.

I have significant experience in considering investment opportunities and working closely with financial advisors and investment managers, buying and selling property, project managing adaptations of property and liaising closely with the client, their family and support team.

Career Highlights

Represented a client in relation to her sister’s Statutory Will application where it was contested by another family member. Successfully acquired the approval of the Official Solicitor for the proposed Will to stand.

Successfully dealt with the transfer of a deputyship appointment and administration for a client who was previously with another professional deputy. The relationship had broken down as a result of the client’s severe behavioural problems and excessive drug and alcohol use. Succesfully built a trusting relationship with the client, set budgets and working closely with the client and support team to put an appropriate rehabilitation programme in place.

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