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    A hospital and its staff have to fill many functions for the patients who rely on it for care. Unfortunately, sometimes that complexity can result in errors from clinicians, or lead to the failure of vital equipment. If this happens, the effects on patients can be disastrous, or even fatal.

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    Glass beakers

    We were able to secure an apology and compensation for Ian after faulty hospital equipment stopped him being able to have children of his own.

    Ian’s Story

    When Ian was in his late twenties, he began to feel unwell, and was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. The hospital warned him that the treatment for his cancer was very toxic, and would likely result in him being unable to have children after it was completed. They offered to store Ian’s sperm in a special freezer, so that when he was ready to have children, they could undergo IVF using his sperm.. Unfortunately, the refrigerator was not maintained properly, and its failure caused Ian’s sperm to die.

    What happened next?

    Sadly, this had a real impact on Ian who developed depression. This in turn resulted in him suffering loss of earnings, while having to cover medical expenses, in addition to the psychological injury.

    How did we help?

    We acted for Ian, and many other men who had been affected by the freezer failure. Although the claim was sadly never going to enable Ian to have children of his own, we were able to secure compensation for him, and most importantly for him, the hospital apologised for their error.

    NHS Equipment Failure

    Hospitals rely on an extensive array of equipment to look after their patients. If this equipment fails, the outcomes can be wide-ranging and devastating. From malfunctioning refrigerators storing frozen sperm, eggs or embryos required for IVF, to medical equipment like MRI units and ECG monitors, any equipment could potentially be prone to failure.

    If you’ve been affected by an equipment failure like this, contact us now to find out how we can help.

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    Our team of specialist solicitors have helped many clients affected by hospital negligence.

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