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    The difference in medical outcome can depend on the time it takes a medical professional to correctly diagnose your condition and then to treat it. Medical misdiagnosis and delays in diagnosis or treatment can have a huge impact on your health.

    These mistakes and delays can be made by a GP, a specialist or in the A&E department.





    Dawn’s Story


    Dawn was born in September 2012. A locum doctor noticed at the time that both of her hips were dislocated. When she was re-examined a few days later, it was found that her right hip had stabilised but the left had not. The locum asked a Consultant Paediatrician to check the stability of her hips and specifically her left side. Following an ultrasound the radiologist agreed with the locum doctor and asked for a second scan to be carried out when she was six to eight weeks old.

    Subsequently, the Consultant Paediatrician saw Dawn at his clinic three times in four months but did not mention the recommendation of the radiologist or carry out another scan. Had it been done, treatment would have been straightforward and her legs would have been normal.

    What Happened Next?


    In July 2013 a health visitor noticed that Dawn’s left leg was five centimetres longer than the right. By then she needed a long course of treatment and surgery. Dawn is now left with one leg still longer than the other and extensive scars caused by the surgery and she will require further operations in the future.

    We brought a claim for Dawn and negotiated damages for her of £33,500.

    All names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals

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