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    The consequences of birth injury can be devastating for both children and their families, but our experienced and sympathetic lawyers deal with all kinds of birth injury claims.

    A successful claim can unlock help from many sources, so speak to one of our experienced birth injury lawyers today for a free, confidential discussion.

    The birth of a child should be joyous, but when warning signs are ignored and the concerns of parents are not heard, the result can be a life-changing injury. We know that birth trauma can be devastating, not just for mum and baby, but for entire families. The consequences of birth negligence can last a lifetime.

    Delays in delivery can result in a brain injury, including the development of Cerebral Palsy, and errors when dealing with shoulder dystocia may lead to Erb’s Palsy. Birth injury law is complex, and it is important to choose a legal team experienced in handling birth medical negligence cases.

    Why Consider a Birth Negligence Claim?

    A successful birth injury claim can help you secure the compensation necessary to get the lives of you and your child back on track. A serious injury in the early years can leave your child with life-long care needs, and thought needs to be given to the best way to look after their well-being as they grow.

    When the injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, a birth injury claim can help you secure the compensation necessary to get the lives of you and your child back on track.

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    Getting the help you need after negligence during child birth

    Injured children’s needs can be particularly complex, as some symptoms of their injury may not become apparent until later in life, especially if a brain injury has occurred. It is therefore important to find experienced birth injury solicitors who can fully assess the extent of the damage, using expert evidence where appropriate, to ensure that the appropriate level of compensation is secured.

    Who We Work With

    Enable Law is delighted to work with the Bobath Centre – a charity dedicated to supporting children and families living with cerebral palsy.

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