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Birth Negligence – Injuries To Mum

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    Childbirth is very complex, and can be dangerous for both mum and baby. Occasionally, obstetric or midwifery staff do not provide the care to mums that they should during or after labour, during delivery or following a caesarean section, and this results in a childbirth injury. 

    These childbirth injuries to mothers can be painful and debilitating at a time when you want to be active, sharing in the joy of the new addition to your family, and can impact on your bonding with your child. If you were injured during childbirth, call us now to find out if you can claim for compensation.



    Sandra’s Story

    Sandra went to hospital when she was 30 weeks pregnant. The baby was very large and doctors highlighted the potential complications of a normal vaginal birth, including rupture of her uterus (womb) and bladder. As a result Sandra made an informed decision and opted for an elective caesarean section.

    She later attended the hospital with concerns her waters had broken. She was seen by a different doctor who advised that they were trying to reduce the rate of caesarean sections. Sandra was pressured into trying a vaginal delivery. He ruptured her membranes (so her waters broke) and she was given syntocinon to start labour. Both her condition and that of her baby deteriorated and the baby was born in a very poor condition. He was found to be acidotic (i.e. his blood was too acidic). Sandra’s bladder and uterus had ruptured, which required surgical repair.

    What happened next?

    Sandra was told that further pregnancies should be avoided due to the severe trauma to her uterus and she underwent sterilisation and her womb was removed (hysterectomy). She now suffers from problems with her bladder and bowels and requires regular laxatives. She has bad scarring to her stomach and required counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and post-natal depression.

    She made a claim for damages for wrongly advising her to have a vaginal delivery despite the risks. We succeeded in getting damages of £150,000 for her.

    All names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals

    Common Injuries to Mum

    If clinicians aren’t providing the proper level of care during childbirth, you could be left with one or more of these injuries:

    • Perineal tears – either naturally, or following an episiotomy
    • An excessive haemorrhage – losing too much blood can be dangerous
    • Vesico-vaginal fistulas – a hole between the bladder and the vagina that lets urine constantly flow out
    • Deep vein thrombosis – blood clots that can travel around the body and prove fatal

    A claim for compensation can fund treatment for your injury. Call us now to speak to an expert solicitor and start your claim.

    Why women's health suffers

    Research has shown that women’s health has been neglected by medical science. We believe that medical care should be of equal quality for all, and you can read more about the reasons why this isn’t the case on our dedicated page.

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