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    Babies are very vulnerable, and can be put in danger by things which would not harm an adult, or even an older child. Group B streptococcus is a kind of bacteria that usually lives harmlessly within a third of the population, but if it is accidentally passed from mum to baby during delivery, the baby can be severely disabled, or even die.

    Our team of specialist group B strep solicitors are experienced in helping families whose lives have been affected by this surprisingly common bacteria. Call us now to find out how we can help.

    Who we work with

    Group B Streptococcus Support (GBSS) are a charity dedicated to raising public awareness of the dangers of GBS infection in babies, and to supporting those families who have already been affected by GBS.

    Visit their website to access a wealth of resources and information about GBS, sign up for fundraising activities and access their supportive community.

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    The birth of a child should be wonderful, but for our client who lost her son when a positive test for Group B Streptoccus (GBS) was overlooked, that was sadly not the case.

    Carly’s Story

    Carly had been suffering from urinary tract infections and stomach pains throughout the course of her pregnancy, and despite numerous tests no group B Strep had been recorded. Standard tests used by the NHS to detect bacterial infection were not designed to specifically look for GBS, and this can lead to falsely negative results.

    Two days before Carly went into labour, she experienced abdominal pains, and went to hospital to have them checked. During this visit a further test for infection was done, but her records do not show that this was passed to the laboratory. She was discharged after two days in hospital, but had to be re-admitted shortly after discharge as her waters had broken.

    Her son was born in good condition the next day, and at first there was no cause for alarm. Later that day it became apparent that he was having difficulty breathing, and he had to be transferred to Intensive Care for investigation and treatment. It was at this point that the results of the blood test taken two days earlier appeared, and confirmed that Carly had tested positive for GBS. Sadly, by the time this had been discovered her baby had become so poorly that the decision had to be made not to resuscitate him.

    How we helped

    Our Claire Stoneman and Adele Wilde were able to successfully argue that if the sample taken before our client went into labour had been logged properly, the results would have been chased, and it would have been realised earlier that she was carrying GBS. If this had happened it is likely that her baby would have survived. While nothing could adequately compensate Carly for the pain of her loss, Claire & Adele were able to successfully negotiate Carly a five-figure settlement which could be used to help her and her family move forward.

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    Group B Streptococcus Claims

    If undetected, Group B Streptococcus can lead to disability, or even death. Our solicitors understand the complexities of Group B Strep claims, and will fight for you to get answers to your questions, an apology, and where possible, compensation.

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