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    If you’ve suffered due to an error in gynaecological treatment or believe an error was made in your care, we may be able to help.

    Our specialist medical negligence team has extensive experience in representing women who have been let down by gynaecological care.

    We can help you find answers to what went wrong in your case, help ensure others don’t suffer in the same way and secure compensation to move forward with your life.

    We understand that making a gynaecology negligence claim (gynae claim) can seem daunting, especially if you are already coping with the emotional and physical impacts of an error or illness. We won’t pressure you into moving forward with a claim and if you do decide to proceed we’ll be there to explain everything that is happening and take as much of the burden as possible.

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    How do I know if I have a gynaecology claim?

    Valid gynaecology claims arise where your medical treatment did not meet expected standards and this resulted in you suffering.

    To make a valid claim it must be demonstrated or accepted that a competent physician could reasonably have been expected to act differently when treating you. In addition to that, their actions resulted in a worse outcome for you.

    This may mean, for example, that due to a delay in detecting ovarian cancer you had to have more invasive treatment or your life expectancy was reduced. If the delay did not cause any damage to you, even though there may have been incompetence, it would not qualify as being a valid basis for a gynaecology negligence claim. Mental suffering due to a delay may represent harm and could form the basis of a claim even where physical harm did not result.

     Common gynaecology claims include: 

      • perforation of the uterus, bowel or bladder during surgery
      • failure to diagnose or treat a condition leading to infertility/hysterectomy
      • failed contraception/abortion/sterilisation
      • improper prescription of an oral contraceptive causing thrombosis or any other harmful side effects
      • failure to detect a haemorrhage or ovarian/cervical cancer
      • treatment of prolapse/tension free vaginal tape (TVT) and mesh claims
      • inappropriate treatment of a uterine fibroid infection
      • surgical errors
      • episiotomy issues or other birth-related injuries due to errors
      • unnecessary hysterectomy for heavy menstrual bleeding or fibroids
      • smear test errors or delay in diagnosis of cancer
      • retained swabs or instruments
      • infertility as a result of treatment errors
      • harm to a baby during pregnancy or birth

    How do I find the best solicitor for my gynaecology claim?

    It’s wise to do some research before you settle on a gynaecology negligence claims solicitor and to ensure you choose a firm with experience.

    A specialist firm, like Enable Law, has solicitors who have supported other women in similar claims and will be empathetic and patient in the process.

    Expert solicitors have great contacts with medical professionals who can help you deal with whatever situation you are left in after negligence and begin putting your life back together.

    People who have suffered gynaecology care errors may be dealing with embarrassing, life-changing and difficult consequences such as incontinence, fertility issues and sexual dysfunction. You need to trust the solicitor you choose and have a rapport that allows you to open up about these things and discuss them honestly. The right solicitor will help put you at ease and set you on a path towards regaining control of your life and future rather than make you feel you are enduring another painful hardship via the compensation process.

    Dozens of women supported in Rob Jones gynaecology claim

    Enable Law has represented dozens of women to pursue claims and answers when wide-ranging concerns emerged about the practice of obstetrician and gynaecologist Rob Jones.

    In all, 220 women pursued compensation against the former consultant who worked at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (Treliske) from 1992 until 2012.

    The majority were represented by Enable Law in a process that shone a light on years of concerns being raised about care and nothing being done.

    The most serious failings saw injuries to mothers and babies, delays in diagnosis of cervical cancer, avoidable hysterectomies and permanent incontinence due to substandard surgery.

    Compensation payments ranged from £500 to £160,000.

    Mum-of-three Claire was one of the women who turned to us.

    She said: “Immediately I was made to feel I wasn’t on my own any more…They’ve held my hand through everything.

    “They guide you and they take all the pressure off.”


    £125,000 after endometriosis treatment error

    We secured £125,000 in damages for Audrey* who suffered when a mistake was made during a laparoscopy procedure to treat endometriosis.

    The surgeon made a mistake in cauterising Audrey’s blood vessels (using heat to stop the bleeding) and injured her ureter. The injury ultimately led to Audrey developing a hole between the rectum and vagina – a rectovaginal fistula – and requiring a colostomy.

    *Name has been changed.

    An operating theatre, close up on surgical equipment
    An MRI machine scans a patient

    How much will I receive for a gynaecology claim?

    Gynaecology damages will vary depending on the level of impact on a person’s life and resulting financial losses or costs.

    If ongoing care is needed as a result of the damage done to you or you are unable to work, compensation can help to cover those costs.

    In addition to the individual costs or losses incurred as a result of negligence, an element of damages is also intended to compensate for pain and suffering.

    These ‘general damages’ payments follow Judicial College guidelines.

    Examples of guideline general damages amounts are:

    • Female infertility and associated severe mental anguish: £107,810 to £158,970 plus special damages.
    • Infertility resulting from failure to diagnose ectopic pregnancy and resulting medical conditions: £31,950 to £95,850 plus special damages.
    • Delay in diagnosing ectopic pregnancy with fertility unaffected: Up to £19,170 plus special damages.
    • Serious or permanent damage to both kidneys: £158,970 to £197,480 plus special damages.
    • Failed sterilisation leading to pregnancy: Around £9,500 plus special damages.

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