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    Do I have a compensation claim for nerve damage?

    If your nerve damage was the result of medical negligence or an injury or accident that someone else was to blame for, you could have a valid compensation claim.

    Valid claims for nerve damage (also known as peripheral neuropathy) may arise from circumstances including:

    • surgical errors
    • crush injuries
    • medication or treatment administered without warnings of the risk of nerve damage
    • traumatic injuries like road crashes
    • those related to spinal cord injury and cauda equina
    • compartment syndrome that could have been avoided
    • exposure to toxins such as arsenic, lead or mercury, perhaps through workplace/industrial negligence
    • delays in diagnosis or treatment or inappropriate treatment of conditions that can lead to nerve damage, such as:
      • diabetes
      • coeliac disease
      • chronic liver or kidney disease
      • underactive thyroid gland
      • lupus
      • inflammatory bowel disease
      • cancer
      • Guillain-Barre syndrome

    Nerve damage can lead to debilitating and life-altering results including:

    If you are suffering as a result of negligence then compensation may help you access the support you need to make things easier.


    £960,000 for compartment syndrome due to delays in treatment

    We secured over £960,000 compensation for Tina* who suffered compartment syndrome due to delays in the treatment of an internal bleed following surgery.

    Tina had an operation after her hip was damaged in a road crash. Afterwards, she suffered an internal bleed which nurses did not bring to the attention of the surgeon quick enough.

    The delay meant Tina developed compartment syndrome in her lower right leg, and nerve damage which ultimately led to amputation.

    The internal bleed and artery damage were known risks of the initial Ganz periacetabular osteotomy hip preservation surgery that Tina underwent. Medical negligence arose due to the delays in identifying and treating it.

    If the bleeding had been identified earlier, Tina would not have developed compartment syndrome or nerve damage and required below the knee amputation.

    *name has been changed.

    How much compensation can I claim for nerve damage?

    Compensation payments for nerve damage could be in the low thousands up to hundreds of thousands or even more depending on the specifics of the claim.

    Nerve damage claims are often part of a wider injury claim and the amount of damages is calculated in two parts, based on:

    • a guideline amount for pain and suffering related to the specific injuries suffered (known as general damages)
    • special damages to cover the individual’s costs resulting from their injury, which may include, among other things:
      • loss of earnings
      • medical or carer costs
      • the purchase of a new car or house adaptations.

    What can a nerve damage claim help with?

    Damages can help to pay for the things you need to live your life closest to the way it was before your injury.

    Nerve damage can cause irreversible and lifelong symptoms that may have a transformative impact on your life that compensation cannot change.

    What compensation may be able to do is help you to access treatment to ease those symptoms and to relieve the ongoing pressure on you and your loved ones. It can also help with the impact of lost income or costs of any specialist equipment, vehicles or house adaptations you may require.

    Nerve damage compensation can be used for things including:

    • physiotherapy
    • carers
    • private surgery/treatment
    • complementary therapies
    • loss of earnings
    • home adaptations
    • specialist equipment
    • an adapted vehicle

    A claim will detail exactly what costs it is expected you may incur due to your injuries now and in the future. Compensation is then usually agreed as a lump sum settlement. Once compensation is awarded, it can usually be spent however the beneficiary sees fit to meet their needs and does not have to be itemised against the specifics it was awarded for.

    If you are an adult with mental capacity (the ability to make your own decisions) you can hold the settlement in a personal bank account/savings account and use it as and when you wish. Other options include creating a personal injury trust to help you manage the money and ensure it does not affect your ability to claim means-tested benefits.

    Our mental capacity solicitors can support people who are vulnerable to look after and manage compensation payments.

    Can I claim compensation for nerve damage?

    You can make a compensation claim if your nerve damage is the result of someone else’s negligence.

    That may be due to a personal injury caused in whole or in part by someone else’s action or inaction, including:

    It could also be due to improper care or medical treatment.

    It may not be obvious if someone else was to blame for your nerve damage. Our solicitors can look at the evidence and decide if it is likely there may be blame.

    If we think there might be blame, we can investigate and pursue a claim on your behalf.

    Do contact us for information on how we can help.

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